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    Latest Episodes

    World Oceans Day 2013

  • 03:31 PlayWild Oceans
    Would you take a dip with a tiger shark? The Earth Touch crew dive into ...

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    On the Hunt for Tiger Sharks

  • Latest Blog Entries

    Under the microscope: Mind-blowing sea urchins

  • Oh, yes. And we have photos to prove it. Photographer Alison Buttigieg catches the feline invaders in the act while camping out in Botswana.

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    Lions in the shower?!

  • The world is a mean, dangerous place when you're a slow-moving, soft-bodied beetle larva. But for some, all that hardship breeds invention. In the leaf beetle family, the larvae find safety under a protective shield of their own making ... and it's made of their own poop.

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    By the power of the poop-shield: Beetle defences of the ...

  • When it comes to caterpillars, Mother Nature really went to town ... Just feast your eyes on these extraordinary and truly bizarre moths (and butterflies) in the making!

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    IN PHOTOS: 12 weird and wonderful caterpillars

  • This week: artificial photosynthesis, why pangolins are being poached to extinction, where monkey monogamy comes from, some arachnid acrobatics & why dolphins are setting memory records.

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    Ivory busts, monkey monogamy & spider secrets: Nature News Roundup August #2

  • To mark World Lion Day and pay homage to Africa's most royal felines, here's a little photographic look at the complex family unit that is the lion pride.

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    IN PHOTOS: Anatomy of a lion pride

  • Almost everyone has experienced the itchy annoyance caused by a mosquito bite. But how do these ubiqutous insects manage to get under our skin? Watch this microscopic video footage to find out.

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    Under the microscope: The mosquito's bite

  • Want to make an entomologist happy? Then keep sharing your insect photos online. Photo-sharing websites are helping insect researchers learn more about the distribution and conservation status of species across the globe.

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    Your photo-sharing ways are helping bug science